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Vivimed Labs

Vivimed Labs Limited has an interesting legacy of exploring horizons off the beaten track. The company has an all-pervading attitude of adding value, questioning the done things and constantly searching for new ways. This is further buoyed by a young leadership fully sensitive to the rapid strides of globalization and the related demands emerging from this unifying phenomenon. Vivimed has blended its competencies, processes and instincts to deliver solutions for customers who believe chemistry and costs matter.     more...


Electrical Lines (EL)

Electrical Lines (EL) is a renowned trader of electrical goods and fitments and has been in the business for more than two (2) decades. Electrical Lines, right from its inception has been very tech–savvy and has been running numerous varieties of applications and products for its operations.     more...


Resultstel Inc

For more than 20-years, Resultstel has provided award-winning performance and set the standards for customer acquisition, in the areas of business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing for some of the largest companies and leading brands world wide.

Bhrigus is developing self service IVR solutions for Resultstel and extending IT support to meet their growing business demands.


AT&T Business

AT&T, Access Direct maintenance project

Bhrigus has worked with AT&T Business Services to provide end user clients with custom architecture and voice-web solutions.


Merrill Lynch

Bhrigus has worked with Merrill Lynch, a leading global financial management and advisory company to provide a centralized system to monitor various multi-tier financial systems.

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered Bank
(Indian Ops)

Bhrigus has partnered with GTL for developing an end -to –end Speech based application for their Banking and credit card application.


ICICI Bank Ltd

ICICI bank a leader in Banking Financial Services Industry has partnered with Bhrigus. This Self Service Corporate Banking IVR POC to give better facilities for their Customers.


UTI Mutual Funds

Bhrigus in partnership with Avaya has been working jointly for UTI Technology Services Limited (UTI-TSL) for Self Service Mutual Fund Solution.


Reliance Mutual Fund

Bhrigus has developed a Self Service for Reliance Mutual Fund. We are currently executing a POC on speech.


Fidelity Mutual Funds

Bhrigus has developed a Mutual Funds application for Fidelity investments one of the largest Mutual Fund houses in the world.  


Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA)

Bhrigus developed a solution to support 3 million dispute resolution workflows per month. This solution includes web-based workflow and transaction handling, utilizing the Oracle suite of products.

South Western Energy

South Western Energy
Bhrigus has delivered solution upgrade and maintenance service to this existing customer.


Stryker Instruments

Bhrigus has renewed its long term contract with Stryker Instruments.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

With this existing account, Bhrigus has renewed its contract for development, enhancement and maintenance of their IVR applications in June 2006.


Inland Revenue Services

Bhrigus is the IVR architect for the Inland Revenue Services, USA for their IVRS implementation.

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