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Electrical Lines (EL)

EL_LogoElectrical Lines (EL) is a renowned trader of electrical goods and fitments and has been in the business for more than two (2) decades. Electrical Lines, right from its inception has been very tech–savvy and has been running numerous varieties of applications and products for its operations. The organization is totally “Wi–Fi enabled” and has the entire modern technology infrastructure and is running a 10 seat Call Center for addressing their growing operational requirements. EL intends to scale this Call Center Operation to a 100 seats in the next two years. It has recently come out with its own products under the brand Fortune Art

EL has been seeing a consistent growth rate of more than 30% year on year. Currently its turnover is more than Rs. 120 crores. EL is now on the threshold of crossing Rs. 500 Crores in the next two (2) years. This sort of a growth is due to the huge market demand of the specialty cables that EL deals with. The specialty cables contribute to 40% of the business of EL.

Keeping in view, this sort of growth rates EL has decided to move from bespoke software solutions and products to the industry standard best–practices offered by ERP. After evaluating various options, EL decided that Oracle 12i Applications would be a best fit. Bhrigus has offered a blanket deal to EL covering the software, implementation and the consulting part for value added services like Hardware Sizing, Networking etc.

The Oracle 12i modules to be implemented at EL by Bhrigus are:

  1. Oracle Financials
  2. Oracle Purchasing
  3. Oracle Inventory
  4. Order Entry
  5. Financial Business Intelligence, and lastly
  6. Sales Business Intelligence
The business intelligence offerings from Oracle were evaluated the best by EL after looking at various alternatives. EL feels Oracle BI solutions will expedite the decision making process and would be a critical part in faster response to markets, and would help in adding value to its customers.

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