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Internationalizing W3C's Speech Synthesis Markup Language Workshop III

ssml conference
13-14 January 2007
Hosted by Bhrigus Software and the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) in Hyderabad, India

Bhrigus is now a Global Level ISV Partner to Oracle

Bhrigus has entered into the Oracle Partner Program as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) at the international level. Bhrigus would be bundling its applications and solutions with Oracle products. Bhrigus intends to extend Oracle Applications and E – Business Suite range of products with specific IVR and CTI solutions.

Bhrigus IVRS in ICICI Bank.

Bhrigus, in association with AGCL is in the process of deploying its IVRS for ICICI Bank banking operations. This will help the ICICI Bank create value for its customers by ensuring consistent, highly available and cost effective self service operations. The main goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and customer retention by way of delivering differentiated services to the bank’s customers.

Bhrigus Participation at Avaya Technofair

Bhrigus has participated in the Avaya Technofair held at Avaya Customer Studio, Mumbai, India from July 31st to August 2nd, adding value to the Avaya products and platform.

Bhrigus solutions were demonstrated to a select gathering of high profile executives from the Indian industry. The solutions were highly appreciated by one and all and the value addition that Bhrigus Offerings bring to Avaya products and platform are recognized across the Indian industry.

Bhrigus’ IVRS solution for Banking and Credit Card Operations at Standard Chartered Bank
Bhrigus has developed and deployed a complete IVRS solution and also undertaken the Systems Integration of Standard Chartered ‘Banking and Credit Card Operations. This results in cutting down the operational costs by way of automation of its credit card and banking operations.

The challenge was to ensure seamless integration with the disparate heterogeneous systems with the Banking and Credit Card IVRS. Bhrigus in association with GTL demonstrated its expertise in integration of such a complex maze of systems. The successful systems delivery ensures that the Standard Chartered Bank’s goals of bringing down the operational costs, delivering differentiated service levels to its customers, enhancing operational ease, and providing consistent response, are met.

SSML Extensions for Text to Speech Systems in Indian Languages

Nixon Patel, the CEO & President of Bhrigus Inc and Kishore Prahallad of IIITH (who is also a consultant to Bhrigus Inc. in the area of language technologies)., presented a paper “SSML Extensions for Text to Speech Systems in Indian Languages” at the “Second Workshop on Internationalizing SSML” held at Crete, Greece, on May 31, 2006. This international workshop was conducted by the “The W3C Voice Browser Working Group” and the main objective of this workshop was to “Identify and prioritize extensions and additions to SSML that will improve the use of SSML for rendering non-English languages”. The workshop will produce a document identifying and prioritizing extensions and additions to SSML that will improve the use of SSML for rendering non-English languages. The W3C Voice Browser Working Group will use this document as a guideline for future enhancements to SSML

Bhrigus as a responsible corporate supports and sponsors Research and Development activities on “Voice and Speech Technologies” internationally. At present Bhrigus is engaged in sponsoring/supporting such R&D activities of prestigious institutions like “Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)” and “International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT)”.

To get your copy of this ground breaking research paper, click here.

To See the W3C SSML Workshop Photos. click here.

Bhrigus ties-up with AumTech

Bhrigus has become a value added partner to exclusive market the AumTech CGATE platform based applications, solutions and products. AumTech is one of the leading Voice and Speech platform providers, with a wide install base across verticals like airlines, contact centers, etc.

Bhrigus ties-up with Voxpilot

Bhrigus has become a value added partner of Voxpilot to exclusive market the Voxpilot Open Media Platform, OMP 3.0. Voxpilot is a provider of IMS-Ready, VoiceXML and Video-In-VoiceXML technology that brings the next generation of interactive telecommunication services to enterprises, integrators, carriers and service providers. Bhrigus sees a great opportunity in India for both interactive audio and video telephony based offerings using the Voxpilot OMP 3.0 platform. Recent press release by Voxpilot can be accessed by clicking this Link.

Bhrigus Complete Self Service Mutual Funds IVRS to Fidelity Investment, India.

Bhrigus in association with Avaya Global Connect Limited (AGCL) has developed and successfully deployed a Self Service Mutual Fund IVRS around the Avaya Platform to Fidelity Investment, India.

This ensures the delivery of timely and consistent services to their customers. the customers of Fidelity get instant access to the information on their investments, new products, and can also transact through the Bhrigus’ Self Service Mutual Fund IVRS. This has resulted in enabling Fidelity increase its reach to remote rural markets, where there is low computer and internet penetrations, apart from reducing the operational costs involved in information dissemination and routine transactions.

Bhrigus Strategic Partnership in Avaya Customer Studio Initiative
Bhrigus is a strategic partner in Avaya’ customer studio initiative meant to demonstrate the power of Voice and Speech technologies to the Indian industry. Bhrigus is working with Avaya helping the various industry segments, by way of demonstration and delivery of appropriate industry solutions. From the time Bhrigus became a Strategic Partner in the Avaya Customer Studio initiative, Bhrigus and Avaya are providing its customers with the cutting edge Industry Solutions.
Bhrigus becomes solution vendor to Avaya
Bhrigus’ proven expertise and experience of delivering cutting edge solutions in Voice and Speech technologies has led to becoming a Solutions Vendor to Avaya. Bhrigus now provides solutions to Avaya for its entire product range adding immense value to its offerings.
Speech and Language Technology Lab
Bhrigus has established “State of the art” Speech and Language Technology (SLT) Lab at its premises for linguistics and natural language processing research set up with help of Carnegie Mellon University and IIIT Hyderabad.

The main objective of this SLT Lab is the development of Indian language Text–To–Speech (TTS) engines and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engines.
Bhrigus is awarded CMM Level4 certification

Bhrigus Software was successfully assessed SEI CMM Level4 for its Hyderabad development center in October 2005. This assessment places Bhrigus in the select band of high maturity organizations worldwide that have been assessed at level 4.   more>>
CipherSoft Inc. releases Exodus-ADF version
CipherSoft, Bhrigus partner, releases Exodus-ADF version, a proprietary tool for migrating Oracle Forms to Oracle's Application Development Framework (ADF).   more>>
Bhrigus partners with CipherSoft Inc.

Bhrigus partners with CipherSoft Inc., a global technology partner to Oracle, to sell and implement EXODUS - an Oracle forms to J2EE migration tool.   more>>

Bhrigus gets VC Funding

Bhrigus gets first round of Venture Capital Funding from one of India’s leading VC firm SIDBI Ventures. This funding will be used to expand Bhrigus’s operations in India and overseas, and for strategic acquisitions.
Bhrigus starts Enterprise Services Division
Bhrigus has recently expanded its operations by starting the Enterprise Services Division. This division will focus on development, maintenance and strategic resourcing for SAP and Oracle Applications platforms.
Bhrigus acquires additional 5000 sft. in Hi-Tec City
In addition to its existing facility, Bhrigus has leased an additional 5000 sft. office space in Hi-Tec City, Hyderabad.
AT&T selected Bhrigus as a supplier who is qualified to develop VoiceTone services.
AT&T today introduced a contact center service that could revolutionize the way businesses automate and streamline customer service with breakthrough speech recognition technologies.  more>>

AT&T Breakthrough Speech Technology Designed to Increase Sales and Customer Service Productivity  more>>
Bhrigus starts operations in Chicago and Texas
Bhrigus expands operations with new offices in Chicago, Illinois, Atlanta, Georgia and Austin, Texas. Bhrigus, which is headquartered in New Jersey and has an international development center in Hyderabad, India, opened offices in Chicago, Atlanta and Austin to support and expand its operations in the United States.
Bhrigus starts 24 hours customer support
Bhrigus now offers customer support 24 hours per day to provide more timely service to clients. The expanded customer support provides clients ready access to technical support and complete after sales support.

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