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Bhrigus Inc. takes safeguarding online privacy seriously. Please read the following to understand Bhrigus Inc.’s privacy practices.

From time to time, Bhrigus Inc. may need to change its privacy statement because of changes in its business or in its attempts to serve your needs better. Bhrigus Inc. will use reasonable efforts to publish any changes to its privacy statement.

There are times when Bhrigus Inc. may need to gather specific information from you such as your name and address or other personal information. Information that is essential for Bhrigus Inc. to provide the services and/or products that are requested by you is generally designated as "Required." Additional information that would allow Bhrigus Inc. flexibility in providing its services or products, and may be used for internal statistical studies or market research, is generally indicated as "Optional."

The choice of how much personally identifiable information you disclose to Bhrigus Inc. is completely at your discretion. It is never mandatory for you to answer any question, although it may limit the services and products that Bhrigus Inc. is able to offer.

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