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Bhrigus has stringent quality assurance and control measures to meet client and project needs. Quality systems at Bhrigus contribute significantly to our performance and growth. Our quality initiatives are constantly reviewed and tuned to ensure that the result of any initiative is a quality product or service. Our ISO 9000 certification and SEI CMM initiatives ensure that we meet and maintain the quality of all deliverables.

Bhrigus is a CMM Level 4 and ISO 9001:2000 certified company. In Bhrigus, Quality is a way of life, and every alternate month, the internal quality department audits all the projects, and once every six months, external surveillance audit is performed by DNV. One of the key features of the audits performed at Bhrigus is that we encourage the audit to be performed on any team member and is not restricted to Project Managers/ Project Leaders and senior management only. This ensures that all the team members understand the significance of quality and the necessity for them to follow the processes.

The Quality Policy of Bhrigus is “We will strive towards exceeding customer expectations by providing products and services of superior value all the time. We believe that Total Quality and Continuous Improvement are essential lot achieve this.”

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