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“Bhrigus developed an IVR application to perform three key functions: account balance inquiry, payment history inquiry, and a personal identification number (PIN) change (with the ability to handle PIN changes by a customer or an agent).

The IVR application was developed in accordance with the design specifications and within the stated project timeline. Modifications were made and errors identified during testing were corrected in a timely and efficient manner. When it looked as if some preferred reporting would be unavailable to us, the developers designed and programmed a ‘work around’ in their application, which enabled us to attain the desired functionality. The application-specific technical documentation was comprehensive and helpful. 

I am very satisfied with the work products provided by Computer Instruments and Bhrigus on this project. The technicians and developers were courteous, knowledgeable, and cooperative during the course of the project. Most of all, the Bhrigus developers were available, which is extremely important just before and during implementation.” 

Sherry Schooler
Southwestern Energy Company
Manager, Utility Applications Services
(479) 582-8576


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