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Vivimed_logoVivimed Labs Limited has an interesting legacy of exploring horizons off the beaten track. The company has an all-pervading attitude of adding value, questioning the done things and constantly searching for new ways. This is further buoyed by a young leadership fully sensitive to the rapid strides of globalization and the related demands emerging from this unifying phenomenon. Vivimed has blended its competencies, processes and instincts to deliver solutions for customers who believe chemistry and costs matter.

Vivimed has a strong presence in the areas of H & PC Actives for the home & personal care industry and Contract Research and Manufacturing. The manufacturing facilities, the adherence to environmental norms and their people cater to these demanding market requirements. Vivimed is the second largest manufacturer of Triclosan. In its fold are several global customers. An integrated international delivery model, sustained partnerships and the DNA of ideas and innovation drive the company.

Today Vivimed is about thinking differently. Not merely in terms of physical assets and plant but in terms of superior execution, supply chain efficiencies and costs. All this is happening at Vivimed by virtue of its strong competence in synthetic organic chemistry. Tried, tested and trusted do describe Vivimed. But what sits better is this: “Here chemistry and costs matter. Ideas and innovation thrive…” Taking all this values further Vivimed is on the thresh hold of exponential expansion and growth. This is the time for Vivimed to migrate to Process / System driven entSAPrise by adopting an SAP – SAP and Embrace the best practice business processes for leveraging management performance and be on par with global EntSAPrises.

There is a popular belief that SAP is required only when the business processes are very complex. No doubt, an SAP facility managing the complexities, but its major contribution is in handling the changes. In a competitive dynamic environment, the difference between success and growth wholly depend only on the way an organisation responds to the customer requirements – explicit or implied. The customer preferences change with time. In today’s environment change is not just a possibility, not even a probability, but a certainty. The change is continuous and hence an organisation requires handling the ever changing demands efficiently to survive and grow. The Business tool  SAP precisely caters to these changes.

Viewed from another angle, a planning well done takes care of half the problem. But if the outcome of a planning exercise is merely a plan, it is not enough. As it is said that plans are nothing: planning is every thing. The process of planning extends beyond producing a plan into monitoring outcomes and adjusting the plan continually to achieve the objective. The integrated planning tool that SAP is, attempts to achieve this. SAP is the best suited SAP for a multi product and multi locational activities like Vivimed Labs Limited.

Bhrigus’ turn-key assignment from Vivimed includes sourcing & supply of mySAP Software, Development & Production Servers, facilitating appropriate Networking across their locations, SAP Implementation, post implementation & Maintenance Support. Initially in phase1, all the core modules of FI/CO, MM, S&D, PP, QM, PM, HR and their R&D activities will be configured in SAP. Later based on the specific need the possibility of adopting the new dimensional products of mySAP will be explored separately. 

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